domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

La compañía "Havana Ferry Partners LLC" tiene como domicilio legal el siguiente: HAVANA FERRY PARTNERS LLC- 811 NE 3RD ST- FT LAUDERDALE, FL  33301.
Como sus propietarios aparecen :Leonard Dale Moecklin- residente de Ft. Lauderdale Fl.y Phillip Richards, también deFt. Lauderdale. Estos son los personajes que debían aclara esta extraña "matraca" de los Ferries y sus anuncios.
106. Rob Sequin -create jobs and promote democracy is a win win!
105. Rita M. Yebra- I agree with this option!!!
104. Lilibeth Hernandez  
103. debbie fradera  
102. Jorge Gaviria  
101. Nam Ng  
100. Yolanda Lopez Pena- A great idea who’s time has come. 
99. William James- Please end the embargo!
98. Marta Sotolongo  
97. Beatriz Gaviria Lopez  
96. David Hernandez-Rivero  
95. LUIS R VAZQUEZ -I would like to return to my homeland by sea I think it would be a wonderful experience for me and my grandchildren.
94. Barry J.Boudreaux- Is’nt it about time to change the US /Cuba travel policy? I think it is! I support this petition!
93. Mark Rutledge  
92. Sue Greene  
91. cedric henry -lets get it done
90. barbara s. zuviceh -I’m looking forward to the resolution of this quality enterprise.
89. Lindy Brown  
88. Jill Lubeck- We are in a new global era and lessening the restrictions of travel between Cuba and the USA is timely.
87. Alberto N Jones -Give senior citizens fearful of flying, a last opportunity to see their country of birth and loved ones. Build Bridges Not Walls.
86. Miles Jackson  
85. Paris Conway  
84. Paddy R. Feeney -It has been too long since we have been able to travel to Cuba.
83. Janet Richards  
82. Nancy Lozano  
81. Richard Ferris Carpenter- I think this is a great venture!
80. Noel Salazar  
79. melanie davids  
78. oscar c. donahue, III- please
77. Ray Morejon  
76. Hector Marrero Rodriguez  
75. Karen Hoffman -It’s about time this entire travel limitation comes to an end. Not only should relatives and special groups be allowed to travel back and forth, each of us, American or Cuban, should have the same freedom. This has gone on too long. 
74. Susan Hoffman -better relation with cuba and 4 more years with Obama
73. Saul Lopez  
72. Kimberly Matos  
71. Mr.Jorge I. Fernandez, Founder, Hope for Cuba Foundation- Dear Mr. President…...Please support this magnificent project and approve the requested license so that more and more Americans can travel to Cuba under your recent OFAC travel guidelines encouraging more and more University , Religious and Humanitarian groups to travel to Cuba. The Havana Ferry would allow these larger goups to travel in a much more economical and comfortable way that is not available now with the airlines. Please do the right thing here and approve the requested License request from the Havana Ferry Partners group immediately. The American people will thank you and the innocent people of Cuba will thank you, and I, as a Cuban-American born in Havana will thank you. Mr. J.I.fernandez. former Executive Director and Co-Founder, Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba
70. Santiago A. Cabrera  
69. James Cabrera  
68. Yamilet Hernandez  
66. Dominik Moecklin  
65. Diane Ireland  
64. Samantha Levens  
63. Arlena Bora  
62. gerald fretz -My Russian friends told me that the reason the Soviet Union fell is because the Russians who were allowed free travel to the West got to see what the average American had (a nice car, a large refrigerator, a washing machine, a big TV) and this was talked about a lot and ultimately led to regular Russians demanding to join the West. I believe we must open up Cuba because the embargo policy of the past 50 years is clearly NOT WORKING. Let’s try something different and end this embargo because the mass of Cubans will demand it IF they realize what they are missing….
61. Pablo Tacon  
60. Diana Mosolf  
58. Charles Mosolf I would love to go to Cuba and help promote Democracy!
57. Carlos Padron Please Mr.President Obama lift the embargo !!!
56. Elizabeth Vilches
55. Dane C Fleming  
54. Cindy Ross  
53. Susan Sturm  
52. Karen Cook  
51. karen adams  
50. Steve Carbone  
49. Ignacio Abella  
48. Byron Barksdale -Authorized USA travelers to Cuba need a cost-efficient and thrifty way to go and help in Cuba..the airlines have been gouging travelers for decades. Havana Ferry will put pressure on the airline charters to lower prices since there is virtually no competition now for non-airline travel.
47. Martin Salzedo  
46. Leonard D Moecklin Jr.  
45. walt lent  
44. Frank Martinez -i would like to see that before next summer
43. Maria Berumen This will be another way to see family.
42. phillip richards -its time
41. peter fenasci  
40. Barbara S Zuviceh- This plan seems to meet the needs of Cuban-American families as well as the opportunities outlined in this proposal.
39. Michael Zargarov- Cuba has had enough Blockade…Its time to make things easier for normal Cubans.
38. Sara Kelly  
37. Cuba -Junky  
36. Roy Guste -Give the beauty of Havana back to America
35. duncan cullman- barage of info arriving to Cuba will FREE its people
34. John Sweet -normalizing relation with the cuban people is important approve this app
33. Giselle  
32. Alison Trafton- Long over do
31. Eduardo Vega  
30. frank garcia  
29. Leonard Moecklin Sr.- President Obama should direct OFAC to approve Havana Ferry’s application CU-80304
27. havana discovery tours .com  
26. Jennifer Vann  
25. Jack Miller- This is a win-win for Cuban and American people, there is no common sense downside
24. Rene Lecour  
23. david behr  
22. romy aranguiz  
21. Max andreu -good luck to us!
20. Greg Whitt -I’ve just come back from a Cuba study trip. I strongly urge the administration to remove the embargo and obstacles prohibiting travel and trade with the wonderful people of Cuba.
19. Jo-Ann Crell- I am Cuban American and have traveled legally to visit my family and husband in Cuba but have been severely restricted and it has hurt us.. My husband is now an immigrant to the US pending citizenship, his first desire is to be able to vote for you in this coming election, it is a huge hope and one that is possible. Our very important needs are to be able to visit our families in Cuba and we want there to be options available for all Americans. We know that it will help the US state by state to trade with Cuba and for citizens to be able to travel, thus expanding both our knowledge and our US economy. We know the operator of the Havana ferry and believe that he has had the best plan for the success of this service and for the country. Please do whatever you can to be the leader who has made the most difference to Americans. This is one of those decisions that can bring the change & hope. You are making history and we support you as we know you will support us all. Thank you, Gracias mi presidente.
18. Andres ruiz  
17. Alina M. Lopez Marin- Open up the floodgates.
16. Abel Robaina -Please Mr. President lift the embargo!
15. alexis martin  
14. Marcelyn Puig  
13. glenn devillier  
12. Mark Zehring  
11. roy maggio  
10. Boris King- Havana Ferry is a great image maker for USA. It is a great deed for humanity.
9. Gail Reed Lobo  
8. Alejandro A- excellent idea.
7. Roberto Garcia http://www.facebook.com/havana.espanol
6. Harol Dale Moecklin Pappi buena suerte, voy a estar esperando el ferry en La Habana. Besos Harolito 5. Warren Pope  
4. Lis Hansen- Mr Obama…please do direct OFAC to approve this application from Havana Ferry. It will be good for both the USA and for Cuba!
3. Antonio C Martinez II  
2. Al Prieto Sr. 
1. Alex Diaz - Writer and creator of this petition