¡COMO VIENE VA! carta de Valladares a Burns Hargis presidente de la Universidad Estatal de Oklahoma

sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Nuestro colaborador y amigo, el Embajador Armando Valladares, nos remite la carta que ha enviado al Presidente de la Universidad Estatal de Oklahoma, donde enseña Dennis Seager, el profesor castrista que envió a Valladares el sucio e-mail que publicamos ayer.
Dr. Burns Hargis (Foto de la izquierda)
107 Whitehurst
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078 
Dear President Hargis: 
I am forwarding to you a Spanish-language email that I received from Professor Dennis Seager, who teaches Spanish at your university. 
I have used the “Vox Spanish-English Dictionary” (Barcelona: Biblograph, 1979, Fourth Edition) to translate his message, which reads as follows: 
“Long Live the Revolution! 
Cuckold, due to the nonsense that you wrote below you deserve to still be in jail.
Why can’t you understand that the God in which you so much believe has allowed the Revolution because idiots like you do not realize that it is the revolution and not the Church that helps the poor?” 
I served twenty-two years (1960-1982) as a political prisoner of the Castro dictatorial dynasty in Cuba and was adopted by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience. I am a poet, a painter, and author of four books. My memoirs, “Against All Hope,” have been translated into eighteen languages. I served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights during 1987 to 1990 under two presidents. For my work on behalf of international human rights, I was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest civil honor bestowed by the United States government. 
I was shocked and dismayed that a professor at your university would express himself in such vulgar, defamatory and hateful manner, in response to an article that I wrote regarding the upcoming visit of the Pope to Cuba. The article was internationally distributed by Destaque Internacional a Brazilian news agency. Dr. Seager is obviously an ideologue lacking the conventional equanimity of academia. I am praying for his students. 
Since Professor Seager used the Oklahoma State University email system to offend me and signed off as a representative of your university, instead of as a private citizen, I am therefore expecting an apology from the university for this insult. 
Ambassador Armando Valladares